Does Your Band Really Need A Stage?

Clients do have questions about details of a band rider detailing stage requirements. The question is typically:

“Do you guys really need a stage ?”

The answer:  Absolutely not….. your guests do !!!

Listen.. some venues do not practically lend themselves to a stage. There just isn’t room. There is nothing you can do about that, other than work with the venue to use an area that will maximize the guest’s experience.

SO.. If you have invested a lot of money for a great band, you want the guests to experience it in the ultimate possible way. You wouldn’t buy a beautiful piece of art for your home and leave it on the floor. You want folks to enjoy it from everywhere in the room. When a great band like Atlanta Beat is playing, the energy in the room is really affected in a powerful way. The fun is contagious. When the dance floor is full and there is no stage, only the people in the front of the dance floor next to the band can see and feel connected to the party experience. AND…When you use a stage the energy is carried all the way to the last seat in the room. THAT is what you want.

The band does not need a stage. It is entirely your call. We are interested maximizing your investment in what we do.

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